18864-2021: INDIVIDUAL CONTRACT for – “Consultant on Human Mobility and Entrepreneurship – Guyana”.

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Overview :

Within the Framework for action between UNDP and ILO (International Labour Organization)  and specifically according to Priority Collaboration Area #2 Jobs/informal sector/Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), which emphasizes the need to provide support to migrant workers, refugees and IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons), UNDP and ILO have designed the “Regional Strategy for the Socio-economic Integration of Refugees and Migrants from Venezuela and their Host Communities”. This joint initiative aims at supporting host countries in the design and implementation of policies and programmes that facilitate migrants’ socio-economic integration by (i) reducing the levels of socio-economic vulnerability of refugees and other migrants from Venezuela; (ii) maximizing the contribution of this population of their host countries’ economies; and (iii) promoting social cohesion, through initiatives that also benefit host communities.

Additionally, this joint initiative seeks to support host countries´ economies in the recovery from Covid-19´s effects, especially managing those barriers in the access of migrants to labor and entrepreneurship programmes and identifying possibilities for these migrants to contribute to the sustainable development in their host communities.

With the purpose to improve refugees and other migrants’ access to services in host countries, and that they can benefit from increased employment and entrepreneurship opportunities, thus contributing better to sustainable development, ILO and UNDP have prioritized the work in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).

The Regional Strategy is part of a medium and long-term framework because it recognizes that most refugees and migrants from Venezuela will settle for several years and that the only viable option for them to contribute to the sustainable development of their host countries is to promote socioeconomic integration and coexistence with their citizens. It is based on international standards on labor and human rights.

To this end, the Strategy is articulated around seven priority axes:

i. Regularization and profiling of the population from Venezuela proposes making more flexible and expediting the processes of regularization and profiling of the migrant and returned population and carrying out studies on their demographic and socioeconomic profile.

ii. Professional training and recognition of qualifications and competencies: seeks to promote professional training and recognition of qualifications in the region to promote labor inclusion.

iii. Employment promotion: plans to promote access and efficiency of labor intermediation programs and platforms, boost the employability of refugees and migrants, and adopt measures for their transition into the formal economy.

iv. Entrepreneurship and business development: includes the integration of migrants and refugees into sustainable entrepreneurship programs and value chains, as well as promoting self-employment.

v. Financial inclusion: proposes facilitating access to financial services in host countries, promoting financial education and adapting banking services to the needs of the migrant and refugee population.

vi. Access to social protection, proposes the preparation of a roadmap to promote a regional social protection floor and a campaign to disseminate information on access to social security.

vii. Social cohesion: foresees the design of institutional strengthening programs and awareness campaigns to combat discrimination and xenophobia.


Period of Assignment /Services duration:  4.5 months. 

Estimated start date:  August 16th, 2021

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18864-2021 Individual Contract for – “Consultant on Human Mobility and Entrepreneurship – Guyana”.

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