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The UNDP Barbados and Eastern Caribbean Multi-Country Office (MCO) covers 10 countries and territories that include Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, the British Virgin Islands, the Commonwealth of Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.  Within the Eastern Caribbean, UNDP aims to create an enabling environment to support national governments capacities for inclusive and sustainable human development; meet their regional commitments, and internationally agreed goals including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

As part of UNDP Barbados MCO support to the Commonwealth of Dominica, a Project Office was established in 2017 to assist government with immediate response, recovery and reconstruction post Hurricane Maria. This included strengthening national recovery frameworks, disaster preparedness and climate and community resilience, as well as empowering women to take a more proactive role in emergencies.  The Dominica Project Office, with 15 staff on the ground, has evolved its portfolio to include climate resilience, economic recovery and sustainable development initiatives. 

Main Initiatives                                          UNDP’s current work in Dominica includes a focus on recovery, resilience and sustainability. Strengthening national recovery frameworks, disaster preparedness and climate and community resilience is a part of that work, as is empowering women to take a more proactive role in emergencies. Top of Form

Bottom of Form

The project Strengthening Sustainable Livelihoods and Resilience in the Kalinago Territory (SSLR) aims to strengthen the livelihoods and resilience of the Kalinago Territory, by working with Government in delivering an integrated package of support to strengthen capacities to boost agricultural production and sustainable agricultural practices; design and implement community reforestation programmes to augment livelihoods and protect critical water catchment areas; develop a comprehensive Kalinago tourism strategy and brand that generates new income opportunities for the territory, and; boost institutional capacities of the Kalinago Council for improved decision making and planning.

The project is further embedded within Government priorities for the Kalinago Territory, complementing the strategic results of the participating ministries, and will support the sustainability of the following 4 results:

  1. Strengthened capacities and skills to boost agricultural production and sustainable agriculture practices

The project will:

  • provide equipment and materials to support the construction of a smart plant and indigenous tree propagation facility (Emphasis on indigenous trees such as Gommier and Larouma);
  • provide technical assistance for product development and marketing of Cassava (the Kalinago community is well known for value added cassava products such as farine and traditional cassava bread, which are still very popular among consumers in Dominica and neighbouring islands);
  • provide small grants to support Kalinago farmers with Cassava cultivation and cassava product development. 

Emphasis will be given to:

  • Securing that at least 55% of beneficiaries are women farmers;
  • Introducing sustainable farming and production techniques, organized production, and market support and coordination assistance in collaboration with homeowners and farmers is expected to achieve the long-term goal of enhancing the value of agriculture at both the subsistence and commercial levels.
  1. Through Community livelihoods and reforestation programmes to increase income and the protection of four critical water catchment areas

The project will:

  •  support the update of a reforestation strategy for the Kalinago Territory
  •  develop a community livelihoods programme for the reforestation of four water catchment areas to help conserve and protect the rainforests and traditional trees (particularly those facing extinction as a result of sapping and debarking).
  • The programme will also assist with sensitizing residents of the Kalinago Territory on issues of biodiversity.

The reforestation initiative will be linked to the smart plant and tree propagation facility ensuring a reliable supply of seedlings of the selected species. Through community plant nurseries, emphasis will be placed on the propagation of indigenous trees such as Gommier Trees (critical for building of the canoes used by the indigenous peoples for fishing) and the propagation of the Larouma (critical to the indigenous craft industry). This will be complimented by a livelihood programme which will provide an alternative means of income to support reforestation and will lead to the creation of bio-diversity protectors/participative community monitoring.

  1. A comprehensive indigenous gender sensitive tourism strategy and Kalinago brand is designed and handed for its implementation to Government

The project will assist with the design of a gender sensitive tourism strategy for the Kalinago Territory, focusing on three areas: a). Design of a Kalinago Tourism Route; b). Design of a Kalinago Tourism Brand; and c). Design of a Kalinago gender sensitive tourism infrastructure Master Plan. These instruments will provide Government and the Kalinago Council with the necessary information and tools for decision making to deploy a comprehensive gender sensitive tourism intervention in the territory in support of the Government of Dominica Tourism Master Plan. The strategy development process will ensure the active participation of women, elder, youth and other vulnerable groups at all stages and in all activities. The Tourism Strategy will also guarantee the inclusion of initiatives that will empower and benefit women and girls.

  1. Institutional capacities of the Kalinago Council are strengthened

This component will support the integration and participation of members of the Kalinago Council in international and regional seminars and forums on Indigenous Peoples, including the UN Permanent Forum of Indigenous Peoples.

In addition, it will provide technical experts to support the Kalinago Council with strengthening participative and gender inclusive decision-making processes and provide advice on policy documents and planning instruments (such as the Kalinago Development Strategy). A final activity will be the digitalization and conservation of Kalinago Council archives, which is currently available through physical means (part of it was lost during Hurricane Maria).


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