CONSULTANCY – Leadership and Management Support


Background – Scope of the Consultancy

The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is a humanitarian, non-governmental, non-profit organization working in Myanmar since 2009 in response to cyclone Giri and currently supporting operations in three different States (Kachin, Northern Shan, and Rakhine). DRC aims to make available immediate relief and protection to displaced people and vulnerable host communities in an impartial, inclusive and neutral manner, adhering to DRC’s Code of Conduct and core Humanitarian Principles.

Objectives of the Consultancy

Lot 1: DRC Myanmar is seeking a consultant who can provide one-on-one leadership and management coaching expatriate staff members. DRC expatriate management staff – are supporting teams remotely during a period of significant change. Myanmar has been doubly hit by the Covid 19 pandemic, as well as the military takeover in February 2021, leading to a rise in conflict and violence. This has personally impaced many of our staff – and they are now working within a very constrained operating environment, and across a wide geographic area – often remotely supporting teams. At the same time, the country office is going through a significant restructuring and change management process. The consultancy will provide regular support to senior expariate staff – outside of the country office – to work through issues, seek support and advice on developing their management approach and leadership approach, and on leading the change management process in their area.

Starting date: November, 2021

Duration of the contract: Six months – at 2 sessions per month per expat (up to 3 expats)

Lot 2: DRC Myanmar is looking to to train and mentor a new cohort of Myanmar national staff managers, using a mentorship and training approach. The objective is to empower DRC Myanmar’s new leaders as they grow into their new roles of line management, improving workplace communication and growth, and growing professionally. The consultant will be responsible for devising an engaging and participatory mixed-methodology – training, mentorship, coaching etc. – management skills development plan. The consultant will work with a cohort of up to 10 staff – as well as provide larger training to up to 20 staff. Through this process, the targeted staff should improve:

  • Developed Leadership skills – to provide effective leadership and empower the teams take on greater responsibility and autonomy; strengthened communication and collaboration skills

  • Project Cycle Management – greater understanding of budget and project management skillsets, and how to support others in developing these skills;

  • Decision making and time prioritization skills

  • Learning and Adaptation skills – to support the process of culture change and learning in the organization, as part of the restructure and a move towards greater leadership roles for Myanmar nationals; support a learning and adaptive environment within their teams.

  • Problem solving skills /conflict management – to support new leadership positions to have an important role in resolving conflicts to promote in a way of collaboration and respect;

  • Leading coaching and mentoring skill – to support new leaders to be responsible for on boarding and coaching and mentoring current and new team members, helping them to learn organizational processes and to support them in their growth and provide constructive feedback on their performance creativity and adaptability.

Starting date: November , 2021

Duration of the contract: Six months

Duties, Responsibilities and Deliverables

The consultant will report to the Country Director.

Responsibilities – Lot 1:

· Conduct bi-weekly sessions with the two/three identified expats

· Provide leadership and management coaching – working with them on self-identified issues. Ensure staff have the requisite skills to effectively manage and lead teams of Myanmar nationals, based on understanding of Myanmar culture.

Responsibilities – Lot 2:


  • Desk review of relevant DRC Human Resource and performance management documents to understand DRC’s culture;

  • Conduct a Needs Assessment with targeted staff to tailor the training;

  • Design a process according to the findings of the needs assessment, which should aim to build technical and soft skills, incorporate relevant learning through the require and design the methodologies;

  • Conduct the agreed Training of programme /workshop. The training will be delivered in Yangon and in line with any COVID related guidance from the Government of Myanmar;

  • Trainings should focus on two levels – more detailed trainings for the cohort of 10 senior managers; and broader training for up to 20 additional mid-level managers

  • Provide tailored technical mentorship to the trainees in their delivery of trainings.


  • Inception report including; assessment report with a clear work plan including clear methodology and deadlines

  • Management trainings

  • Individual mentoring and coaching sessions

  • Regular meetings with the Country Director

  • Final report

Profile of the Candidate

Your Experience must include:

· Demonstrated experience in leadership and management coaching

· Experience working with expats in Myanmar – and knowledge of the issues faced by them

  • Experience supporting staff to move into senior management roles

  • Experience working with humanitarian/development NGOs

  • The successful applicant will have a strong record of accomplishment in effective facilitation and skill development training and will demonstrate how to

Application Process

DRC strongly advocates for equal opportunity and promotes a diversified and inspiring working environment. In order to apply for this consultancy, please submit the following to [email protected]

  1. Proposal of how you would achieve the objectives of this consultancy

  2. Overview of technical capabilities and existing capacities, noting when those are in Myanmar

  3. Current resume of proposed staff

  4. Examples of work or publications

  5. Detailed budget – with a per day consultancy rate

  6. This RFQ form

  7. Supplier Code of Conduct

  8. General conditions of Contract for Proc

How to apply

Bid submission:

Please download full RFQ package on:

You must submit your full RFQ package by email to the following dedicated, secure & controlled email address: [email protected], please download full RFQ package at provided link.

THE RFQ BID FORM CANNOT BE EMAILED TO ANY OTHER DRC EMAIL ADDRESS. Any Bids not received on the official DRC Bid Form, or in a sealed envelope may be disqualified for non-compliance with these RFQ Instructions.

To help us track our recruitment effort, please indicate in your email/cover letter where ( you saw this job posting.