Consultancy on Development of ChildFund Kenya Country Strategic Plan (2022-2026)

ChildFund International

Duration: October 2021 to December 2021

Background and Context

ChildFund is an international child-centered development organization. We are a member of the ChildFund Alliance; a global network of 12 organizations that assists more than 15 million children in 58 countries around the world. Our three-fold mission is to help deprived, excluded and vulnerable children improve their lives and become adults who bring positive changes to their communities: to promote societies that value, protect and advance the worth and rights of children: and to enrich supporters’ lives through their support of our cause. In Kenya, we work through 12 local partners (LP’s) federations comprised of 38 community organizations in 23 counties and directly implement in 3 counties – Nairobi, Murang’a and Kiambu. The thematic areas that we focus on are Child Protection, Household Economic Strengthening, Early Childhood Development, Education, WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene), Emergency Response, Health and Nutrition.

The current global strategy, Destination 2020 implementation period has come to an end. Over the next 10 years, ChildFund International seeks to evolve with the changing world of children. The organization will scale its impact to reach 100 million children annually through new programmatic methods and changing its role in international development. The new Global Strategy 2030 Growing Connections will ensure that children grow up healthy, educated, skilled and safe. In Kenya, the ChildFund focuses on addressing on challenges affecting children, through different and targeted programmatic interventions focused on ensuring that targeted infants, children, adolescents and youth have positive relationships, life skills, supportive families and community environments to make healthy decisions and actively participate in community life and protect the environment.


ChildFund Kenya seeks to procure services of consultant who will provide on-going support and guidance to the country team in the development of the CSP. ChildFund Kenya is preparing a strategic plan for the period 2021-2031 to set out its objectives and how they will be achieved. The strategic plan will help ChildFund Kenya to advance its mandate and contribute to the 2030 ChildFund Global Strategy Growing Connections which builds on Destination 2020 and responds to the changing world for Children. The ChildFund 2030 Global Strategy has an audacious goal to reach 100 million DEV children and family members annually to help children grow healthy, educated, skilled and safe. The Kenya Country strategy will be designed to significantly contribute to realising this audacious goal.

ChildFund’s Kenya Country Strategic Plan (CSP) will seek to align and as well provide for a strategic response to the main issue affecting children’s rights and development in the country. The current CSPs covered the period of 2019-2021 and was aligned with destination 2020. With the adoption of a new global strategy, we will be developing a new CSP to assure continued alignment with the new global strategy as well as respond to significant changes in the operating environment in Kenya including (e.g. impact of the COVID crisis, socio-economic and technological and environmental changes, etc.).

The successful consultant (s) will support ChildFund Kenya and implementing partners to develop the 2021-2030 country strategic plan. S/he will contribute to internal and external context analysis, stakeholder engagement at county and national level, facilitate face to face partner workshops for development and for validation of the CSP.

Scope of work


a) Conduct desktop review of existing internal documents including ChildFund’s 2030 strategy, Growing Connections and the CSP template and guidance documents*.* annual reports, program quality reflection reports, CSP midterm review reports, grants project evaluations, strong partner survey reports, LP consolidation reports, staff engagement surveys, organisation effectiveness data, internal and external financial audit reports among others. The focus be on best practices, challenges, lessons learning and critical recommendations.

b) Participate in the CSP Weekly taskforce meetings and provide follow-up conversations with individual or small groups of CO for quality products on different CSP assignments to come up with succinct information that feeds into the CSP template – Changes in country context, programmatic responses to changes, identification and use of data for programmatic priorities and targets, etc.

c) Engage with CSP writers to provide further guidance on CSP content.**

d) Facilitate review FY22 – FY23 Balanced score card .

e) Considering the effects of COVID19 and other emergencies during the period, conduct a participatory workshop to tease out issues in the current CSP on what we need to drop, what needs to be continued but at minimum to finish our current work, what needs to be enhanced and developed for new creative and innovative approaches for the new CSP.

f) Review operations and HR and other resource implications for the new CSP including skills, new roles, areas of operations and budget and financing plan.

g) Facilitate analysis of the country office partnership portfolio and relevance in the new CSP period.


a) Work with Technical Specialists: Child Protection and Advocacy, Food Security and Livelihoods, Early Childhood Development Education, WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene), Disaster Risks and Reduction, Emergency Response to identify current and relevant sector documentation – statistics, reports, strategic plans by county (where ChildFund operates) national and international stakeholders.

b) Perform a trends analysis based on the above reports and how this will enhance ChildFund programming in the coming 5 years.

c) Enumerate potential threats and opportunities in the 26 counties where ChildFund operates and nationally and how the organisation will navigate such factors.

d) Engage with 12 local partners and selected key informants from the government and non-government sectors on ChildFund strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities.


a) Inception report detailing the methodology, work plan/schedule and draft data collection tools.

b) Facilitation of key strategy development workshops with ChildFund Kenya staff and implementing partners on (i)reflection of the current CSP and (ii)presentation of the draft CSP to multi-stakeholders for validation.

c) Draft Kenya Country Strategic Plan (2021-2023) and appendices based on secondary review, internal and external analysis, engagement with staff, partners and stakeholders at county, national level.

d) Other documents/materials such as raw data files, quantitative data files, transcripts of FGDs, photographs or pictures developed during the process

e) Report on the CSP development process including stakeholder consultations and workshops.


This assignment is expected to be carried out for a period of 30 days from October to December 2021 as proposed below:

  1. Signing of contract by successful consultant – 6th October 2021

  2. Inception meeting with the Kenya CSP working group – 6th October 2021

  3. Submission of the inception report by consultant – 10th October 2021

  4. ChildFund Kenya to share list of all internal and external documents and external stakeholders contacts – by 11th October 2021.

  5. Conduct secondary review of the shared documents to identify programming gaps, trends relevant to the CSP – by 25th October 2021

  6. Facilitate a participatory workshop with ChildFund and partners to tease out issues in the current CSP on what we need to drop, what needs to be continued but at minimum to finish our current work, what needs to be enhanced and developed for new creative and innovative approaches for the new CSP – 25th to 29th October 2021

  7. Engage with 12 local partners and selected key informants from the government and non-government sectors on ChildFund strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities – 1st to 5th November 2021

  8. Work with CWG to identify program priorities, branding, digital, climate change, pathways capacity analysis – October and November 2021

  9. Review operations and HR implications for the new CSP including skills, new roles, areas of operations and need for restructuring if advisable – November 2021

  10. Write and submit the draft Country Strategic plan and appendices – by 3rd December 2021

  11. Facilitate a participatory workshop with ChildFund and partners to get feedback on the draft CSP – 6th December 2021

  12. Submit a final CSP based on feedback from partners and senior management team – 13th December 2021


All documents, project designs, and other information shall remain the property of ChildFund and shall be always treated as confidential by the consultant(s). They shall not be made available to any third party whatsoever, in any form, without the prior written approval of a properly authorized employee of ChildFund. The utilization of all proposals plans and reports and other information provided by the facilitators remains the property of ChildFund and the use thereof is solely at its discretion. All documents and other papers, whether in soft or hard copy and whether containing data or other information, provided by ChildFund shall be returned complete to ChildFund upon completion of the assignment.

Child Protection Policy

All facilitators(s) shall read, and sign ChildFund Child Safeguarding Policy as fully understood and in agreement to in all respects and shall follow this in all and every respect during the term of the facilitation.


  • At least a master’s degree in a relevant field including strategic planning and management, Organizational Development, public policy or development studies
  • At least ten years of professional experience in organizational change management, strategic planning and management for international development organizations. Proof would be required.
  • Demonstrated experience in working with diverse stakeholders in the public and private sector, civil societies and international NGOs.
  • Experience working with child focused civil society organizations international or national
  • Knowledge of the development context in Kenya in relevant child rights sectors: Child Protection and Advocacy, Food Security and Livelihoods, Early Childhood Development Education, WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene), Disaster Risks and Reduction, Emergency Responses/Humanitarian.
  • Experience using the balanced scorecard approach/tools.
  • Strong facilitation and engagement skills for government and non-government stakeholder workshops.
  • Superior written and oral communications skills in English and Kiswahili and report writing.
  • Must be result-oriented, a team player, exhibiting high levels of enthusiasm, tact, diplomacy and integrity.
  • Ability to work within strict deadlines/timelines

Management and Coordination

The Consultant will report directly to the Country Director and work very closely with the Programs and Sponsorships Director and CSP working group members. ChildFund Kenya will provide relevant background documents necessary for the assignment and shall be responsible for the coordination of meetings, mobilization of informants and other activities under the consultancy.

Payment details

Payment upon submission and acceptance of the Inception Report and First Stakeholder workshop conducted**


Payment upon submission and acceptance of Draft CSP by ChildFund Kenya and Second stakeholder workshop conducted


Payment upon submission and acceptance of Final CSP by ChildFund Kenya**


The Consultant’s compensation shall be paid NET, within 30 days from receipt of a proper invoice unless otherwise specified. Payment will be made by cheque unless otherwise specified. The payment shall be subjected to 5% withholding tax and 16% VAT as required by the Law at the time of payment.

How to apply

Interested candidates should submit a concise technical and financial proposal which demonstrates how they meet the requirements of the TOR, how to undertake the assignment and workplan all not more than 25 pages including annexes (KRA, company details, CVs of involved persons) and a budgeting/cost proposal in Kshs in excel spreadheet format to ChildFund Kenya. In addition, the consultant should provide at least 3 references of similar assignments s/he have successfully undertaken in the last 3 years. The proposals should be submitted to [email protected] by 5.00 pm on 30th September 2021 with the email subject “Consultancy – Kenya Country Strategic Plan 2022-2026”.

Evaluation of the proposals will be made by ChildFund Kenya who may engage in an interactive process with the would-be consultant to further specify the scope and methodology to be used as well as budget, deliverables and deadlines. Target date for contract award is 6TH October 2021.

To help us track our recruitment effort, please indicate in your email/cover letter where ( you saw this job posting.