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About Search

Search for Common Ground (Search) is a non-governmental organization working to transform the way societies deal with conflicts. We have over 37 years of experience in peacebuilding and are based in 53 local offices worldwide. We strive to build sustainable peace for generations to come by working with all sides of a conflict, providing the tools needed to work together, and finding constructive solutions. While conflict is inevitable, violence is not! Our mission is to transform the way the world deals with conflict, away from adversarial approaches and toward cooperative solutions. Instead of tearing down an existing world, we focus on constructing a new one. We shift the everyday interactions between hostile groups of people, so they can work together to build up their community, choosing joint problem-solving over violent means. We first worked in Lebanon in 1996, and we opened up our office in Beirut in 2008. Since then, our activities and capacities have grown significantly. We rely on local staff as well as local partner organizations in order to ensure our work is culturally sensitive, sustainable and well-grounded in the context.

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Project information

This consultation is designed to support two Search-implemented projects: Takaamul and Voices of Hope.

The “Takaamul” project aims to build resilience and prevent violent extremism (VE), primarily by engaging those most vulnerable to VE across dividing lines, and creating safe spaces where they can develop constructive skills and relationships, as well as positive opportunities to self develop and engage in society.

The “Voices of Hope” project aims to empower Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and community stakeholders to lead on the reintegration and protection of women and children affected by the conflicts, and to foster community support for the reintegration and protection of the women and children in the targeted areas.

Purpose of Assignment

Search is seeking to recruit a Consultant to develop a Protection, Reintegration and Peace Education Curriculum.

The final deliverable should include:

  • Guidance and good practices related to protection and safeguarding of women and children affected by the Syrian conflict;
  • Guidance and good practices related to the healthy social and economic reintegration of women, children and youth affected by the Syrian conflict;
  • A Peace Education and Life Skills/Critical Thinking curriculum for beneficiaries of reintegration programs, targeting i) women, and ii) youths and adolescents (aged 12 to 18 years old). The curriculum aims to respond to gaps in life skills and skills for employment (work readiness) and introduce them to the notions of tolerance, conflict prevention and peaceful conflict resolution; and
  • A facilitator guide for the Peace Education and Life Skills/Critical Thinking curriculum.

The combination of these programs aims to instill principles of equality and to develop a sense of social responsibility and solidarity. The ultimate goal of this manual is to equip local stakeholders to promote sensitive and successful protection and reintegration of youths and women. The manual and curriculum should be tailored to the needs of women, children and youth in the target communities. Those deliverables should be designed to be delivered to and used by key local stakeholders, that will be empowered to lead the conversation around sensitive protection and reintegration schemes in their community. Key values such as inclusivity, gender sensitivity, protection, safeguarding, mental health and well being should be treated and mainstreamed across the manual and curriculum. Finally, wider national and international strategies should be taken into consideration when developing content, to ensure their inscription into wider frameworks, thus ensuring their sustainability.

The manual and curriculum are expected to draw on existing Search resources, trainings and curriculums on peace education, life skills, soft skills, conflict transformation, and PVE-E from previous projects in Tunisia, Iraq, Indonesia, Tanzania, and Nigeria. In addition, the consultant is expected to draw content and lessons learned from external practices and curricula.

The modules on reintegration, protection and safeguarding should draw on resources such as Search’s pre-existing reintegration modules and the United Nations’ handbooks.

Duration of the Assignment

The duration of this assignment is six months, from November 2021 to mid- May 2022 – with possibility for extension.

Scope of Work

The responsibilities of the Consultant will be divided into two phases. Under the supervision of and in collaboration with Search, the following represents a general outline for the work to be conducted by the Consultant:

Phase 1: Peace Education and Life Skills/Critical Thinking Curriculum

Curriculum Modules: The consultant will identify, review, draw on and integrate existing resources on peace education, life skills (and work readiness), PVE-E and other relevant training curricula, including Search’s internal curricula, to develop the peace education and life skills curriculum modules. The Peace Education Curriculum should focus on experiential training, including practical activities through which young people can apply and internalise their new skills (life skills and employment skills). The consultant will coordinate and collaborate with the PSS-Education Specialist for the development of this curriculum, as well as with Search’s Children and Youth division. The consultant will make sure that all modules (theory, examples, and practical exercises) are context-specific to the MENA region, and tailored to youths and adolescents affected by active and violent conflict, aged between 12 and 18 years old. Search will assist the consultant by providing them resources and by facilitating relationships on the ground with partners and networks to inform design. On the ground activities will provide inputs in regards to youths and CSOs’ needs, understanding of risks and opportunities, and entry points for reintegration and protection programs focusing on women and children in target areas.

Facilitator guide: The consultant will complete a facilitator’s guide to provide guidance and instructions related to the preparations, facilitation and overall implementation of the curriculum. The guide should include explanations of session methodologies, PowerPoint presentations, participants’ workbook, handouts, links to relevant videos, pre and post-test tools/forms, and other necessary learning aids.

MEAL Tools: Finally, the curricula must include evaluation tools to measure the change in knowledge gained by the beneficiaries, such as pre-post tests and feedback forms. The consultant might be involved in strategic conversations with Search and other implementing partners throughout design and review phases of those deliverables.

Phase 2: Protection and Reintegration Implementers’ Manual

Building on/in parallel with the modules developed under Phase 1, the consultant is expected to complement the curriculum with a practical manual for implementers on reintegration, protection, and safeguarding, with exercises and activities tailored for programs targeting youth and women.

Manual for CSOs: One of the goals is to build the capacity of local CSOs / key stakeholders on the topics of reintegration and protection. The consultant is therefore expected to create a manual for local implementers that will be used to provide them with integrated and tailored guidance on the design and implementation of sensitive and sustainable reintegration and protection projects.

The implementers’ manual may include the following modules:

1) transforming violent extremism (Search believes that the reasons and motivators leading to an individual being drawn to violent extremist movements can be transformed into a different type of agency or engagement. This is distinct from countering violent extremism which is reactive to extremist violence rather than aimed at altering the dynamics that motivate it)

2) psychosocial support and mental health;

3) trauma healing, trauma awareness linked to mental and psychosocial health;

4) gender and conflict sensitivity in reintegration and protection;

5) transformative dialogue facilitation;

6) conflict sensitivity;

7) systematic monitoring and evaluation of reintegration or protection programs; and

8) support the professional development of families associated with combatants and vulnerable groups.

9) Remain alert and responsive to any child safeguarding risks, acquire relevant knowledge and skills which will enable promoting strong safeguarding practices, understanding the child safeguarding policy and procedures.

Search will assist the consultant by providing them some resources (i.e. Search’s pre-existing reintegration modules and United Nations’ handbooks, including the UN Counterterrorism Center’s handbook on the reintegration of children and youth affected by conflict) and by facilitating relationships on the ground with partners and networks to inform design.

These additional notions and modules should be clearly reflected in all deliverables: the curriculum and facilitator guide, with tailored and context-sensitive content (activities, examples, videos, learning aids, etc.) and the manual.

Phase 3: Piloting and Training

Meetings with Search’s team: The consultant will be required to attend remote or in person meetings with Search and its implementing partner(s) in order to coordinate and update the team on the development of the curriculum, guide and manual for CSOs.

Handover Training: The consultant will be required to provide Search and partners’ staff with a full handover of the curriculum and manual to the Search project teams and implementing partners’ relevant staff members (this may include field facilitators, case management specialists, etc.).

Reintegration and Protection Training for CSOs: The consultant will provide training for two groups of CSOs with specialized training on the topic of reintegration and protection. The training will include the all above modules, with a focus on the manual and introduction to the curriculums.

Coaching sessions: In addition to the development of the curriculum, the consultant is expected to prepare and deliver the equivalent of five days of coaching sessions to varied groups and based on needs, including Search and partner staff, local partner CSOs, and other key project stakeholders where applicable.

Integrating Feedback: The consultant will be required to integrate the feedback of the beneficiaries in the curriculum and manual on an ongoing basis. The feedback will be provided by the project teams and will include action points that will be agreed upon in conjunction with the consultant. The final curriculum is expected to integrate the findings of locally-led vulnerability assessments and dialogue sessions with youths and key stakeholders that will be conducted under the framework of the project, as well as throughout its direct implementation throughout the first quarter of 2022.

Additional Information

All deliverables – the curriculum modules, facilitator guides and Manual for CSOs should be submitted in English and Arabic.

Qualifications and Skills

  • A Master’s Degree in a relevant field – Psychology (could be general psychology or more targeted fields such as developmental psychology, child psychology, etc.) Sociology, Peace and Conflict, Education, or relevant others;
  • Excellent oral and written communication in English and Arabic is required;
  • Strong knowledge of the MENA region context, PVE-E, child development, and youth engagement;
  • Willingness and ability to be flexible;
  • Experience in working with international organizations;
  • At least three years experience in the design and development of peace education curricula for ages 12-18 years in non-formal education settings;
  • At least three years experience in the design and development of reintegration and protection curricula for women and youths;
  • Proven experience of capacity strengthening or training on reintegration, protection and peace education curriculum development and related topics, such as engaging hard-to-reach children and youth, preventing violent extremism, etc.;
  • Profound knowledge of conflict transformation, gender, youths, conflict sensitivity, and identity;
  • Experience in technical writing in Arabic and English; and
  • Experience in online communication and virtual coordination.

How to apply

**How to apply

To apply, interested candidates are requested to submit the below documents to the below link:
A technical proposal covering the following (to be consolidated in one pdf document):

  • Understanding of the scope of work and ToRs;
  • The proposed methodology, summary of qualifications, relevant experience and proposed timeline. This must not be more than three pages;
  • Previous references for similar assignments, certifications, and registrations must be submitted as Annexes to the technical proposal

CVs (to be consolidated in one pdf document)

Financial proposal (not more than half a page);

Indicate in your financial proposal the daily fees and total fees for assignment, inclusive of taxes.**

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