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Overview :

Country: Ghana

Description of the Assignment:Recruitment of National Consultant to support identification and experimentation into upstream innovations, designed to reduce waste generated from products and services in Ghana

Period of Assignment/Services40 working days distributed over 4 Months

Proposal should be submitted as indicated in eTendering 

Pre-proposal Meeting:

Date: April 7, 2022


Time: 10:30 GMT

Venue: ZOOM Link

EVENT ID- 0000012032

Key Deliverables

  1.  A scoping workshop at the beginning of the consultancy to help understand key priorities of the project and explore/envision possibilities for experiments that are fit for purpose.
  2. Delve into the literature, existing media (e.g., social media, TV, radio, print media), communities, social networks, and unusual data sources, to find emerging trends, patterns, and issues relating to upstream innovations. Provide a 1–2-page update on findings in weeks 4,8, and 12 of the project.
  3. Design different experiments into upstream innovations, including by deploying digital media channels such Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. A 1–2-page experiment plan is required for each portfolio of experiments (2 portfolios in all with each portfolio including multiple and mutually reinforcing experiments) that contains objectives, methods, target groups, channels, timeframe, and resources.
  4. Implementation of experiments by deploying resources as planned. The aim is to build portfolios of experiments with synergies. It is expected that each portfolio will include at least an online/digital component which harnesses the power of digital approaches as well as face-to-face interaction with individuals and communities to generate rich data
  5. Final report to be provided including principles for social experimentation, methodologies, results, findings, and insights using text and charts/graphics.

Documents :

E-Tendering Guidance

Deadline :

13-Apr-22 @ 10:30 AM (New York time)


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