Locally based KfW Safety and Security Management Advisor with Regional Responsibilities South Asia (based in Dhaka or New Delhi)

KfW Development Bank

1. Background

KfW is one of the world’s leading promotional banks. KfW Development Bank has been helping the German Federal Government to achieve its goals in development policy and international development cooperation for more than 60 years. On its behalf, we finance and support programs and projects that mainly involve public sector players. Our goal is to help our partner countries fight poverty, maintain peace, and protect both the environment and the climate and shape globalization in an appropriate way. In 2020 we committed 11 billion EUR worldwide to new projects and programs. In South Asia KfW Development Bank operates offices in Dhaka (Bangladesh), Kathmandu (Nepal) and New Delhi (India) with a small satellite office in Chennai. In addition, there are also offices of DEG and KfW IPEX Bank in the region (Dhaka and Mumbai). The size of the offices varies (local and expatriate), complemented by numerous duty travelers to the region on behalf of KfW. KfW staff and consultants assigned by KfW monitor, supervise and implement operational interventions like civil works, delivery of goods or training.

KfW Headquarters in Frankfurt support the offices in the partner countries through the Central Services Department. Guidance and operational support in safety and security questions is provided by the team Security Management Abroad steering the implementation of global standards and procedures. Amongst others, these include SOPs in emergencies, site security assessments, security trainings and security briefings for duty travelers in high-risk countries.

2. Scope

The aim of this assignment is to reinforce the safety and security management system and its implementation within KfW in order to ensure the safety and security of KfW personnel (assigned there or, where applicable, on short-term assignments) and duty travelers of KfW, from headquarters or from within the South Asia region.

The countries to be covered by this assignment are primarily Bangladesh, India and Nepal. Additional countries in the region might be added.

The Regional KfW Safety and Security Management Advisor (hereafter: “expert”) must be experienced in safety and security management and should have worked in the region before.

The term of the work / consulting contract is initially 24 months, including a six months probationary period; with the possibility of a further contract extension past the 24 months

3. Description of Tasks

Advising and supporting the security team at KfW headquarters in providing security advice to KfW office directors, local staff and business travelers, the expert will contribute to the operational implementation of KfW safety and security management policies and standards. The following list describes the scope of tasks, while prioritization of tasks and locations where services should be rendered, will be defined in coordination with the office directors and KfW headquarters.

The services to be rendered by the expert shall include, but not be limited to, the following tasks:


· Monitoring and assessment of the day-to-day situation in the above-mentioned countries, especially in the most at-risk areas and in those areas where KfW interventions are taking place;

· If required, periodic monitoring reports on developments/incidents/events, including recommendations for staff and missions; additional reports upon request.

· The expert will send written reports to the team Security Management Abroad at KfW HQ with copies to the KfW Office Directors and the South Asia Regional Team at HQ.

Physical Security

· Site security assessments: KfW offices, private residences of KFW staff, resulting in clear recommendations regarding the safe and secure use of these facilities.

· If there is local security arrangement at the duty station (e.g. Dhaka or New Delhi), the expert will on behalf of the Security Management Abroad team at KfW HQ monitor and manage KfW’s contribution to GIZ risk management services (e.g. Risk Management Office), liaise closely with GIZ and assess the synergies of collaboration therefrom.

· In case KfW decides to move into new facilities or open a new permanent office in one of the partner countries of South Asia, the expert will support the decision making and relocation with site security assessments and concrete recommendations.

Planning and Operational Implementation of Security arrangements

· Development of basic planning documents, including the local security handbooks;

· Harmonization of risk management measures with GIZ risk management structures if present in the mentioned countries;

· Development of an early warning system for any gradual shift in the overall environment;

· Security management advice and support to KfW headquarters and offices;

· Regular updating/revision of the security management plan for the KfW offices in the region (currently Dhaka, Kathmandu, New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai) with components as follows:

  • HRE[1] planning, harmonized with plans of the German embassy and GIZ;
  • Medevac plan for local personnel (taking into consideration that Medevac options for local personal are limited to their country) and support for Medevac cases for local and international staff.

Mission Facilitation (on-site) in countries covered by this assignment

· Risk assessment prior to planned missions;

· (Physical) Security of hotels used by KfW travelers;

· Coordination of and support for logistics and transportation for missions;

· Provision of relevant resources and information for missions;

· Briefing of missions (in-person or via phone/video);

· Accompanying missions, if required.


· Organization, preparation, support and/or implementation of regular personal safety and risk management training for all regional office staff, incl.

  • First Aid Training;
  • Fire Safety;
  • Workplace Safety;
  • Crisis Management (e.g. Security Day)
  • Safe Driving for Drivers, etc.
  • Assess synergies in trainings delivered by GIZ, organize participation of KfW-staff


· Establishment and maintenance of internal networks, in particular:

  • KfW Office Directors in the region and Local Head of Office in Kathmandu;

  • Other KfW regional safety and security management advisors;

  • KfW Security Management Abroad (HQ).

· Establishment and maintenance of external networks, but not limited to:

  • Actors in the safety and risk management sector in the countries concerned (e.g. working on behalf of donors, financial institutions, NGOs, embassies, EU, UN, WB, etc.);

  • Actors from the private sector, civil society, etc.;

  • National and local authorities.

Support in Emergency and Health Management

· Coordination of any health-related incident, e.g. the transfer of affected persons to medical assistance or their evacuation;

· Provision / coordination of First Aid during the affected persons’ stay in the region;

· Active support in emergency/crisis situations in close coordination with designated KfW staff and, where applicable, the country-specific security arrangements of KfW;

· Contribution to lessons learnt from critical incidents;

· Regular monitoring of health infrastructure in the respective country/city of KfW offices (availability and standards of clinics and medical specialists).

4. Profile

The expert must have a solid combination of

· Qualification;

· Work experience;

· Regional experience, and

· Language skills.

Desired Qualifications and Requirements:

· Academic Degree in relevant area of study or equivalent formal qualification;

· At least 5 years’ experience in safety and security management related fields;

· Work experience in safety and security management in an international setting (e.g. INGO, GO, UN, EU);

· Work experience in the region;

· Fluency in English indispensable;

· German language skills are not required but would be advantageous.

It is expected that the expert demonstrates a concise and plausible concept portraying:

· How he/she organizes the work, the responsibilities and the cooperation within the team,

· His/her capability of adequately dealing with cases of emergency and the approach in such cases,

· His/her capability of ensuring persistent quality of service to the team.

5. Other Provisions


The services will be rendered in South Asia; the main base shall be in Dhaka or New Delhi and will be decided at a later stage. The candidate should indicate his/her preference for, or exclusion of, either city.

Frequent and regular business trips within the region are required.


The expert shall prepare periodic reports, depending on the circumstances, complemented by ad hoc reports or special reports on request from KfW.


To be discussed and depending on prior experience.

Management of the expert

The expert will report to and be supervised at a technical level by KfW headquarters’ Security Management Abroad team (ZSc2). On a day-to-day basis the expert will report to the KfW Office Director of the country of location as his/her hierarchical superior and will adhere to the respective Office rules and administrative procedures at his/her main base.

How to apply

Please send your application (CV, letter of motivation) to [email protected] no later than 08. October 2021

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