Marketing Consultant


FCA Investments Ltd is looking for a Marketing Consultant for concept design as part of Essential services to seize the Missing Middle Opportunity project during November 2021 – April 2022.

Background info on FCA Investments Ltd and the project

FCA Investments (FCAI) is an impact-driven com­pany specializing in Small and Medium-sized Enter­prise (SME) development. FCAI believes in the role of responsible and scalable SMEs as a driver for building sustainable and inclusive economic growth in devel­oping countries. Therefore, FCAI aims to leverage the power of finance and business development support to turn the missing middle challenge into an invest­able opportunity.

A vibrant and responsible SME sector (and the associated economic growth and job creation) is the backbone of any sustainable economy. However, in many low-income countries and fragile contexts, SMEs are largely absent and suffer from limited access to finance and low productivity levels. This phenom­enon is widely known as the “Missing Middle”. In that context, addressing the missing middle challenge is highly linked to improving livelihoods, creating decent jobs, providing access to basic services, increasing local tax revenues, and ultimately meeting the Sus­tainable Development Goals (SDGs).

FCAI is a 100% subsidiary of FCA, the largest Finn­ish non-governmental organization and second larg­est in humanitarian aid. As a subsidiary, FCAI seeks to build on the core competencies of FCA to ensure that all the investments made are sustainable and have a positive social or/and environmental impact in the target countries. For more information, please visit

The scope of the MMOF project is about designing a commercially viable technical assistance facility (called essentials as a service) aimed at building SMEs’ capacities in crosscutting areas like marketing, ESG management, accounting, and financial management. This is believed to help tackle the missing middle challenge by making those target SMEs more transparent and compliant with related national and international standards and requirements, and eventually, increasing their investment readiness. There is currently an insufficient number of investable SMEs in developing countries while (impact) investors’ interest in Sub-Saharan markets is constantly growing. That requires efforts on the ground to address the root causes of the SME’s lack of access to finance and to give those responsible SMEs a competitive advantage in the process. The project will be implemented between October 2021 and August 2022. The project will be managed by FCA Investments from its headquarters in Helsinki, Finland.

Key objectives of the project:

  • Design the elements of the essentials as a service instrument in areas of financial management, accounting, marketing and sales.
  • Prepare business plans for that instrument in Kenya and Uganda that can channel essential business development services for responsible and impactful SMEs Kenya and Uganda to help them grow.
  • Set up FCA Investments’ subsidiaries in Kenya and Uganda and train the staff to provide business development and other services.
  • Identify and establish relationships with various partners who may provide services for SMEs in target countries as part of the SME development instrument.
  • Conduct a feasibility study of the SME development instrument in Uganda and Kenya.
  • Pilot the (semi) finalized SME development instrument at Ugandan and Kenyan SMEs.

Scope of work

FCA Investments is seeking a Marketing Consultant to conduct the following work packages:

Work package 1: Mapping Kenyan and Ugandan SMEs’ development challenges and capacity limitations in marketing and sales.

  • This will be implemented by interviewing (in depth) at least six SMEs in Uganda and six in Kenya either in person or remotely (if covid19-situation in the countries prevents travelling to project sites).
  • Output: A description of Ugandan and Kenyan SMEs’ current marketing and sales capacity and areas to be developed

    Work package 2: Conduct a market research to determine the level of marketing capacity that Ugandan and Kenyan SMEs (FCAI’s investee companies) need to achieve to be profitable and competitive, to realize growth potential and make them more investment-ready.

  • Output: A description of the marketing and sales capacity required for the target SMEs to become profitable in the long-term and potential pathways to reach that level.

Work package 3: Design a concept, the related tools and materials to bridge the gap between typical (investee) SME’s current marketing/sales capacity (baseline) and the capacity level that needs to be achieved (ax ante). Pilot the concept and the related tools at Ugandan and Kenyan SMEs and revise them according to feedback. Train FCA Investments’ local staff to be able to identify the marketing gaps at the SME level and propose practical solutions accordingly.

  • This includes a method for creating a business plan for a potential investee company that includes a go-to-markets strategy (value proposition statement, target customers and market segments, value chain analysis, buyer-seller relationship), marketing calendar and a distribution plan.
  • The service may be delivered through trainings, written material, (recorded) tutorials or other.
  • The service may include (online) marketing and sales tools. In this case the consultant will also identify local (Ugadan/Kenyan) and international service providers who provide such tools and take part in negotiating with the service providers. Negotiations will be led by FCAI staff.
  • The proposed marketing and sales service must be attractive to target SMEs and add value to all parties: the investee company, donor who fund the service partially and FCAI.
  • Piloting and training the local staff can be carried out remotely and facilitated at project site by FCA Investments’ local staff.
  • Output: A set of marketing and sales services for target SMEs, which are contextually designed and enable SMEs to bring their marketing and sales performance to the target level.

Duration of contract:

Work packages will be carried out in three to five months during the period between 8.11.2021 and 7.4.2022. The active working days are not expected to exceed 80 days unless justified.

Duty station:

The Consultant will undertake a mix of desktop research conducted in Finland and field work carried out in Kenya and Uganda (during two trips, each ten days) based on the agreed work-plan and methodology.

Transport and Logistics:

FCA Investments’ local staff will provide contact to interviewee companies in Uganda and Kenya and make the related arrangements. FCAI’s local staff will also arrange field transport, logistics and accommodation arrangements concerning consultant’s visits to target countries.


The Consultant will strictly follow the work plan and the time schedule agreed with FCA Investments.


The maximum amount for the entire marketing consultancy is 30 000 euros (+ VAT), excluding travel expenses (flights, accommodation, daily allowance, field transport etc). In addition, FCA Investments will cover the Consultant’s travel expenses.

Required expertise and qualification:

  • Education qualification of the consultant: Master’s degree (or preferably PHD) in Business Management and/or Economics or other relevant field.

  • Experience of the Consultant: The consultant has previously worked with SMEs in Uganda and/or Kenya. The consultant has extensive (work related) experience and knowledge of SME sector in Uganda and/or Uganda, go-to-markets planning, value chains analysis, strategic marketing and international business.

Evaluation criteria:

Quality of the technical proposal (weight: 30% of the total score)

  • Scoring methodology: Level of concreteness and communication, reaction to problem, innovation and added value, responsiveness to ToR

Consultant’s expertise and experience (weight: 50% of the total score)

  • Scoring methodology: Consultant’s expertise in SME sector in Uganda and/Kenya in areas of go-to-markets planning, value chains analysis, strategic marketing and international business. Consultant’s education qualification.

Financial score (weight: 20% of the total score)

  • Scoring methodology: Lowest bid receives the highest score. Other candidates’ scores are calculated proportionally based on the lowest bid.

How to apply

Application procedure:

FCA Investments requests applicant to submit a tender on all the three work packages described above (3 Scope of work). The tender should include a description of consultant’s qualifications for the assignment, a technical proposal on the approach to deliver the outputs and a budget that outlines implementation of work packages 1-3.

Deadline for submission of offers is 2.11.2021 16.00 EEST (local time in Finland).

Candidates must send their offers via email to [email protected] no later than the deadline as mentioned above. Any tenders received after that time will not be considered.

Candidates must put Marketing Consultant for MMOF in the subject line of their emails.

No tender may be changed or withdrawn after the deadline has passed.

The candidate shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of the offer and the Contracting Authority will in no case be responsible or liable for these costs, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the procurement process.


Candidates may submit questions in writing via email to the [email protected] latest five days before the deadline.

To help us track our recruitment effort, please indicate in your email/cover letter where ( you saw this job posting.