RE-Advertised Health Project Manager

PUI (Premiere Urgence Intenational)


Overall purpose

The overall objective of the Project Manager is to ensure the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of PUI project to support the Victims of the chemical weapons attack by supporting the Halabja hospital for the Victims of the chemical weapons, with provision of medical items, and capacity building for the hospital staff.

Specific goals and related activities



  • He/She ensures the efficient and effective implementation of project(s) by developing and implementing Halabja hospital for the Victims of the chemical weapons,.
  • He/She ensures a proper need assessments and reassessments with the field team, and provides all the necessary reports to the line manager
  • He /She ensures monitoring of the project according to the project workplan, context evolution, in collaboration with the Deputy Field Coordinator and Technical Coordinators.
  • He /She ensure PUI, international and national standards and guidelines/ tools are implemented and followed up by the team members.
  • He/She supports trainings facilitation of the medical and non medical staff in coordination with PUI capacity building trainer and MOH trainiers.
  • He/She ensures good communication between project teams and the beneficiary communities by ensuring that beneficiaries and local populations understand the project objectives and participate actively in their implementation.
  • He/She ensures the proper functioning of project falling under his/her responsibility and ensures compliance with goals defined in the project proposal.
  • He/She tracks the performance indicators defined, reports on progress to his/her immediate supervisor in collaboration with the MEAL department.
  • He/She ensures the proper collection, follow-up and analysis of any necessary data collected in the context of the project’ implementation with the support of the MEAL team and in collaboration with respective Coordinators.
  • He/She ensures archiving of documents, tools and training materials produced in the context of project and ensures the availability of the verification sources mentioned in the proposal
  • He/She transmits the internal and external reports to his/her immediate supervisor and Technical Coordinators while making sure to meet the internal deadlines for endorsement (Situation Report) and the external contractual deadlines (donor reports). He/she contributes to the monthly report of the mission and to any technical report to be transmitted to technical Department.
  • He/She ensures the delivery of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals to the hospital and follow up on the process.
  • In collaboration and coordination with the teams ensure quality of project/activities in line with the essential package of health services in the country by ensuring regular supervision, feedback and improvement for staff delivering clinical care and community services.
  • He/She would be regularly visiting Halabja hospital to monitor and implement activities.




  • He/She familiarizes himself/herself with the Internal Rules and Procedure of PUI for the mission and ensures that they are known and respected by the teams.
  • He/She ensures the hiring process of project staff, as well as in any decision related to the termination of employment contracts of local project staff, in coordination with Administrator and Deputy Field Coordinator.
  • He/She assumes or delegate’s responsibility for the integration of new project-level staff, ensuring the project context, relevant tools and PUI policies are well understood.
  • He/She guides the work of the project teams, tracks the realization of their objectives, and leads the PUI mid-term and final staff evaluations.
  • He/She ensures that each PUI staff is subject to a written evaluation at least once per contract period and per year, and at a minimum before leaving the organization.
  • He/She ensures compliance with the Internal Rules of Procedure of PUI on the site and ensures any disciplinary measure in case of non-respect in collaboration with Administrator and Deputy Field Coordinator.
  • He/She identifies needs and completes training programs for the teams’ members (capacity building, action plan, organizational support, methodology and technical support …).
  • He/She ensures technical supervision with the support of the Health Coordinator of the medical staff and provides feedback/advice/guidance to improve the practices.


  • He/She ensures the correct stock management of the project (medical and non- medical one: inventory, cleaning, etc) according to the PUI and donors’ rules
  • He/She ensures to request on time the medical needs of the project to the Central Pharmacy members and works closely with them for the drugs management and medical items
  • Communicate to logistics for fleet needs, logistical components of the projects (delivery, distribution, on site storage) on a weekly basis
  • He /She ensures the provision of adequate means necessary to implement properly the project in line with available budget.
  • He/she takes into account the time and logistical constraints of the mission, as well as the purchasing rules specific to the programs, in order to ensure that his/her requests are realistic in light of procurement timelines. He/She contributes to the analysis of supplier of bids for purchases with highly technical specifications.
  • He/She communicates with the Logistic manager on a weekly basis his/her needs related to vehicles and communication equipment for the implementation of the project.
  • He/She ensures that logistical, administrative and financial procedures linked to project implementation are established and alerts his superiors if gaps are observed in order that corrective action may be taken
  • He/she ensures the budget management of the project in accordance to the PUI and donors’ guidelines and project workplan
  • He/She participates in budget follow-up meetings, monitors the efficiency in the implementation of the projects (adequacy between means and ressources allocated) and informs this superior in case of gap.
  • He/She ensures that HR documents (attendance sheet, leave request, etc) are communicated to the Administrative Manager on time


  • He/She ensures the representation of the project internally and is the spokesperson for the team
  • He/She contributes in relevant meetings in the area of operation, with local authorities, UN or NGO partners.
  • He/She contributes in Ad-hoc meetings according to the various humanitarian issues encountered in the field with the various stakeholders.
  • He/She strengthens links with other humanitarian actors present in the area for a good coordination.
  • In the event of visits from Donors, he/she contributes actively to the preparation and the smooth organization of the visit.




  • He/She ensures that the safety plan is known by the team falling under his/her responsibility, and that safety rules are respected.
  • He/She manages the security of the team in day to day operations to very security sensitive areas (red zone areas), including using local contacts to get up to date information, planning back up security measures and tracking the team whilst in the field.
  • He/She contributes to data collection on safety issues in his/her field of operations and disseminates them to the Deputy Field Coordinator regularly or on an ad-hoc basis if urgent.
  • He/She ensures that members of his/her team and daily paid workers as the case may be, are provided with safety gear adapted to their activities (for example: 1st aid kits, PEP kits, gloves…).




  • He/She analyzes the humanitarian, political, social and security situation in the area and identifies key trends in collaboration with the Deputy Field Coordinator and Technical Coordinators.
  • He/she ensures the evaluation of the projects and guarantees the capitalization of the lessons learned in collaboration with the Deputy Field Coordinator and relevant Technical Coordinators
  • In the context of identifying new operations, he/she contributes to the preparation of project proposals

He/She participates in the strategy development of the mission.


Qualifications & Preferred Skills


Required knowledge and skills




Education / Training


Medical/paramedical diploma / Health management or equivalent

Knowledge of humanitarian standards

Knowledge of humanitarian methodologies

Knowledge in project cycle

Healthcare management and policy


Professional experience

Relevant managerial position in the medical/health field compulsory.

Practice in humanitarian context

Management of a health structure

Professional skills



Excellent communication skills

Strong organisational skills and autonomy

Team management skills

Knowledge of project management including budget follow-up

Advanced computer skills, notably Excel

Time management skills

Flexibility to work in the field regularly.

Ability to work in unstable circumstances














     Pack Office



How To Apply

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