REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL | ILO Subject: Working conditions and farm level interventions development in agriculture in Iraq



The ILO, through this assignment, is seeking a consulting firm/NGO to develop the following: • A dispute and resolution mechanisms for agriculture workers and employers in the agriculture sector and piloted on at least four farms; • Workers management committees are operational on at least four farms to support implementation of the compliance model; and Occupational safety and health provisions and decent accommodation, including the supply of equipment and suitable housing arrangements, are made available and piloted on at least four farms. • In coordination with ILO experts, a code of conduct for fair recruitment in agriculture to safeguard against fraudulent and abusive recruitment practices, including the charging of recruitment fees and related costs to workers, and debt bondage on at least four farms; III. TASKS The service provider will therefore be required to undertake the following specific tasks in respect of the three scope of areas mentioned above: Output 1. A dispute and resolution mechanisms – Document the existing processes and mechanisms for labour dispute resolution: i) What are the main disputes? ii) What mechanisms exist to resolve these disputes? iii) What support do these mechanisms require to function more effectively? iv) What procedures and timeframes are followed to resolve these disputes? v) What support could be provided to enhance these procedures? – Document existing labour dispute resolution capacity: i) What dispute resolution capacity exists in the country? ii) Is this capacity sufficient? iii) What support is required to enhance this capacity further? – Identify gaps and challenges: i) What are the key dispute resolution gaps and challenges? – Propose and develop actions to build more resilient labour dispute resolution systems in four farms: i) What are the key actions to enhance labour dispute resolution processes, procedures, mechanisms and capacity in the country? ii) How should these actions be prioritised? 24 | Page Version 2.2 (EN) 16.03.2021 Procurement Manual, Tool 6-4 – Build the capacity of 10 social partners on dispute resolution. – Pilot and monitor dispute resolution on four farms in Basra and Dohouk. Output 2. Workers Management Committees and Occupation Safety and Health – Conduct awareness training for workers and employers in the agri-business (agriculture) sector based on effective Workers Management Committee. The service provider will be responsible for conducting 20 training sessions (50 participants per session) to reach a total of no less than 1,000 workers (including at least 150 females), and employers in the agriculture sector. Training objectives are: to raise workers awareness on international labour standards, OSH, and to improve the dialogue between workers, worker representatives and factories management. – Each training session will be conducted in two days and cover the following topics (topics are subject of discussions as long as it falls under the principle of forming a Workers Management Committee): • Trade union principles and management • Occupational safety and health • Business soft skills • Mechanisms to improve the dialogue between workers and management at the factory level – 5 workers management committees are operationalized in four farms. – Provide 2,000 agriculture workers and farmers with basic/simple agriculture safety equipment. Output 3. A code of conduct for Fair Recruitment – In coordination with ILO expert, conduct situational analysis; to collect data on recruitment practices, policies and legislative framework and analyze the data; to identify barriers and challenges that prohibit agricultural workers’ access to fair recruitment. – Conduct interview-based outreach to key private sector and civil society stakeholders consisting of government ministries, formal and informal recruiters. – Draft situational analysis report. – Present and solicit feedback on the draft situational report from relevant stakeholders. – Revise the draft by incorporating inputs, feedback and additional information and data collected. – Identify practical solutions to address these issues, recommendations and guidelines on fair recruitment practices, indicating roles and responsibilities. – Present final situational report including an action plan with practical solutions. – Develop of code of conduct for fair recruitment in agriculture on four farms. – In coordination with ILO expert, conduct one day sensitization/ orientation program with 75 participants in each of four batches to reach the targeted numbers of 300 farmers, agriculture workers and recruiters on the code of conduct, principal and ILO’s Fair Recruitment Guideline etc. – Submit a report of the training with suggestions for further improvement and future initiatives for advocacy to make changes in the policy/practice. – Coordinate the signage of 10 labour recruiters of the code of the conduct.

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