SIF – Photographer & Videographer

Tender Title: Photographer & Videographer
Tender No: 
Location: Erbil, Mosul
Tender Package Available from: 2022-05-09
Deadline for Offer Submission: 2022-05-14 at noon (Iraqi Time)


Required: Photographer & videographer (further called Supplier)

Place of Assignment: Erbil (Bahrka, MallaOmer, Shawesh, Pazin), & Mosul (Hey el Tanak)


  1. Introduction and Context

Founded in 1991, Secours Islamique France (SIF) is a Non-Governmental Organisation devoted to international solidarity, social and humanitarian causes in the fields of humanitarian assistance and development aid, both in France and in the world.

SIF has been operational in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) and Central Iraq, since August 2017, providing emergency relief for the affected population including Internally Displaced People (IDP), returnees, refugees, and host community by implementing programs in, Protection, Livelihood, and seasonal activities.

Considering documenting project achievements and promoting SIF work to internal and external stakeholders, it is necessary to gain respective public relations material such as photos, videos, and human-interest stories.

Objectives of the assignment

To provide comprehensive audio-visual coverage of SIF’s food security project in Erbil and Mosul



The supplier will travel with SIF team to the project areas mentioned above, and provide audiovisual coverage to all the components of SIF’s food security project. The supplier will be responsible for coverage of:

  • Selection of beneficiaries for photos, videos and beneficiary testimonials
  • Highlighting the assessment process and the vulnerability of the beneficiaries targeted.
  • Preparation of meat packages in slaughtering house: photos, videos and testimonials from local partners and food suppliers to highlight the impact of the partnerships
  • Household visits: taking photos and videos when farmers taking care of calves in their private fields in Shawes, and Bahirka sub-villages in Erbil governorate.
  • Meat distributions Events: photos, videos and beneficiary testimonials Explaining the distribution process, giving information on the beneficiaries targeted
  • Impact of the food security project: photos and videos Testimonials of the beneficiary households
  • Human interest stories should include close-up views and portraits, and cover the environment and situation of everyday life of the family (preference to returnees) with short facts, names, ages, and histories.
  • It is important to capture SIF visibility
  • Live coverage of food distribution activities will be conducted on SIF social media accounts. The supplier will be responsible for capturing and broadcasting the live coverage on SIF’s social media in coordination with SIF teams.



  1. 2 short videos of 1-2 minutes regarding the meat distribution process.
  2. 4 four human interest stories per governorate capturing the impact of food distribution as well as beneficiary testimonial
  3. Pictures of activities under the project covering processes
  4. Portrait of family
  5. Live coverage and broadcasting on SIF social media account
  6. 1-2 short videos during packing of food packages in slaughtering house and taking photos.
  7. Take photos and 1-2 short videos a day before Eid El Adha when farmers return the animals to Erbil from the villages.


Planning and timeframe

SIF will arrange for transportation to the location. The activities will be conducted in the first week of Eif El Adha (10th July – 13th July 2022) for 4 days. The supplier will be required to cover some activities in the last week of June 2022 and the 1st week of July as well (packaging of meat packs, testimonies of suppliers etc)  


Qualifications or Specialized Knowledge/Experience Required

  • Demonstrable prior experience in photographing and recording similar projects/activities,
  • Portfolio/ sample of previous work ;
  • Ability to deliver products according to the specified technical requirements;
  • Bilingual skills – fluency in English Arabic and Kurdish.




  1. SIF will take care of and cover all local travel arrangements.
  2. SIF will be responsible to organize interviews with stakeholders, as recommended and aligned with the service contractor.
  3. SIF will be responsible for providing enough visibility items (such as banners and Standees).


Conditions for Service Contractors

  • The adherence to local customs and any security concerns in terms of taking photographs/videos has to be ensured in close alignment with the SIF field-based staff.
  • The Code of Conduct and Social Media Guidelines of SIF for any assignments under the SIF contract has to be adhered to.
  • A Declaration of Consent is to be signed before any photograph is taken for close-up photographs/videos.
  • Accessibility of material: original sound material with English subtitles has to be ensured.
  • All material at the end of the assignment will be provided to SIF for further utilization in promotion-related activities. As such, the copyright wilfully goes to SIF, with a sign of the name of the photographer.
  • The minimum resolution accepted is 4000 pixels on the long side, saved as jpeg 10 or above.
  • The supplier will be responsible for all necessary equipment (computer, camera, sound recording device etc), computer applications etc
  • SIF will also provide a narrator for live coverage of activities
  • With the support of the SIF field-based Team, the supplier is responsible for the official permit taking respective film and photo material
  • The supplier will also be responsible for beneficiary consent.
  • The Service Contractor will be responsible for insurance coverage (if any).
  • In addition to required info, a descriptive caption written in complete sentences in either English or French is mandatory. The caption should describe the who, what, when and where of the photo

Suppliers who interested to submit their offer can submit it through email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by visiting our office in Erbil, Dream city, Villa # 49.

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