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Organization: UNHCR - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

-The contractor will liaise with the French authorities and other stakeholders, to conduct a situational analysis of citizen housing initiatives at a national level and at local level at locations where persons fleeing Ukraine are mostly present.
o The contractor will collect information on citizen housing and cohabitation initiatives for refugees fleeing Ukraine and more general for asylum seekers and refugees in France, based on collaboration with public and NGOs stakeholders at national and local levels
o The contractor will attend working groups and meetings on private hosting initiatives with relevant stakeholders, prepare talking points, briefing notes and minutes of meetings.
o The contractor will stay abreast of political, social, economic and cultural developments in line with the research.
-The contractor will monitor citizen housing initiatives, with an emphasis on the safeguards put in place, the checks conducted and other supervision activities implemented by NGOs mandated by the State, other NGOs, civil society as well as private citizen hosting initiatives. The monitoring will include the collection of the views of the refugees fleeing Ukraine and more generally asylum seekers and refugees in France benefiting from these programmes.
o The contractor will conduct monitoring activities at local level to meet with the citizens involved in refugee hosting initiatives, collect their views, conduct on site visits, and assess the effectiveness of safeguards and checks put in place by the authorities and accredited NGOs.
o Based on UNHCR standards and principles, the contractor will identify best practices and gaps.
o With the support of a cultural mediator/interpreter paid by UNHCR, the contractor will design questionnaires and conduct focus group discussions (FGD) with refugees from Ukraine and other countries accommodated or who were accommodated in citizen housing.
-The contractor will draft a report with recommendations based on the findings of his/her analysis and monitoring activities.
o The contractor will draft a report on the experience of citizen housing as an accommodation solution for refugees in France, the good practices and gaps observed as well as formulate recommendations to further implement these initiatives to respond to the increased needs of accommodation solution for asylum seekers.
o The report will be designed in line with UNHCR layout forms by the contractor.

Qualifications and Experience

a.Education (Level and area of required and/or preferred education)

Certificate and/or licenses in Law, Community development/social work, International relations, human rights, social policy, or UNHCR protection/protection learning program.

b. Work Experience
(List number of years and area of required work experience. Clearly distinguish between required experience and experience which could be an asset.)

For G7 – 4 years relevant experience with High School Diploma; or 2 years relevant work experience with Bachelor or equivalent or higher

Relevant working experience related to the rights of refugees in particular reception conditions, sheltering and accommodation solution.

Good command of the European and the French reception conditions.

c. Key Competencies

Required Competencies:

Core Competencies
Organizational Awareness
Teamwork & Collaboration
Commitment to Continuous Learning
Client & Result Orientation

Managerial Competencies
Managing Resources

Cross-Functional Competencies
Analytical Thinking
Stakeholder Management
Planning and Organizing

Desired Competencies:
Protection & solutions awareness
Experience with Inter/Non-Governmental Organizations
Protection-related guidelines, standards and indicators
Refugee protection principles and framework
Field experience
French (mandatory), Ukrainian (desirable), Russian (desirable), English (desirable).
Please note that UNHCR does not charge a fee at any stage of its recruitment process (application, interview, meeting, travelling, processing, training or any other fees).
Selected candidates will be interviewed.
Recruitment as a UNHCR staff member and engagement under a UNHCR affiliate scheme or as an intern is subject to proof of vaccination against Covid-19.


See below for this postion’s Operational Context

With the decision of the European Council in March 2022, France started granting temporary protection to Ukrainian nationals and to individuals who were issued a valid permanent residence permit by Ukrainian authorities.

In addition to the protection granted, a number of rights were also provided for the persons fleeing Ukraine, including access accommodation solutions, access to a financial support, access to medical coverage, benefit of a work permit, access to school etc¿

Over 80,000 persons fleeing Ukraine have arrived in France where they have been granted temporary protection since 24 February 2022. In 2022, France also pledged to transfer 2,500 individuals who have fled the conflict in Ukraine from neighboring countries. Authorities have planned to host up to 100,000 individuals fleeing Ukraine and are prepared to increase the hosting capacity further.

In this context, citizen mobilization and initiatives to welcome and support the refugees from Ukraine have taken on an unprecedented proportion throughout France. An important number of persons offered to spontaneously shelter and host refugees. The French authorities mandated in each territory NGOs to oversee these citizen hosting initiatives.

The limited access to accommodation solutions for refugees and asylum seekers in France has been a long-standing protection concern. Seizing the momentum, the mapping of private hosting initiatives, identifying best practices, protection safeguards and gaps, and drafting guidance and recommendations will be important for UNHCR to enhance its advocacy for increased accommodation solutions for refugees while underlining protection safeguards to put in place in the development and monitoring of these initiatives by public and private stakeholders. This could also be useful to further develop private sponsorship as a complementary pathway, for example but not limited to the context of UNIV¿R project co-led by UNHCR to enhance higher education opportunities for refugees in France.

In line with UNHCR¿s AAP and AGD policies, to ensure the participation of refugees to the design and implementation of policies that affect them, CO Paris will closely work with persons under temporary protection, asylum seekers and refugees, to better understand their experiences relating to reception and accommodation and regarding their access to integration-related policies, addressing issues including but not limited to the access to documentation, the access to reception conditions, the access to education for children and youth, the access to language courses and access to the labour market.
The closing date is 16/06/2022 at 24 hours. Applications should be submitted as early as possible to mitigate potential system malfunctions.

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