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Vehicles Rental Tender 

Please read carefully through those points they are essential to your offer being consider for  this tender. 

Tender Bid Submission 

  1. Your proposal/bid should be prepared in English (all supporting documents should also  be in English or translated to English
  2. Please fill in the Request for quotation (RFQ) with the required information. “No field  should be left empty”. Submit the RFQ on your own company letterhead. 3. Stamp and sign each page of the filled RFQ and all the documents received  
  3. Title/subject of the email must be:

Vehicles Rental Tender 

  1. Please scan and submit your bid and documentation listed below and any other relevant documents ELECTRONICALLY in two or more separate emails to the  following email address:  

Financial Offer – EMAIL#1 

Total cost for all aspects of the RFQ (use provided form RFQ Request for  quotation). 

Provide both the electronic (MS Excel) version of the completed document  as well as a PDF version containing signature/stamp of company on each  page. 

Technical Offer – EMAIL #2 (this you can send in multiple emails depending on  the size of the files) 

Illustrated pamphlets containing all the technical details, Specifications,  Pictures of the tendered items. 

CV of the Company. 

Company Experience Record (use provided form Annex 1- Company Experience

List of References (use provided form Annex 2 – References

Valid Registration 

Latest Tax Clearance

Note: Your Email MUST be LESS than 18MB, kindly send the attachments in ZIP file OR it  may be necessary to send more than one email, the size limit of the attachments (including  the email) should be LESS than 18MB. If you have more than one (1) email, please number  each email appropriately (Example: 1/3, 2/3, 3/3, etc.). 

Please after submitting the information check in your inbox and junk box/spam box to ensure  that you have not received a delivery error message due to big attachment’s size. 

To be considered for this tender, the bidder must submit all documents requested and use the  annexes provided. Bidder may provide supplemental information to expand or clarify the listed  items. 

Incomplete packages may not be taken into consideration. 

Closing Date: 23:59 p.m. Iraq Local Time on 21st – November – 2021 

Note: Bids sent after November 21st, 2021 will NOT be considered and will  be immediately and automatically rejected. 


Integrity of the Public Tender procurement process is of the utmost importance. Un-ethical  procurement conduct will not be tolerated and will result in the immediate dismissal from the Public Tender procurement process. All bids are received directly by the Tender committee. It  is not possible to influence the decision or outcome of the Tender. Submit your best value  proposal the first and only time. No Samaritan’s Purse employee will solicit you outside of this  tender. REPORT ALL UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR, FOR CONFIDENTIALITY REPORT TO THE  Samaritan’s Purse HOTLINE @ 0750 863 6742 

If you, the supplier, suspect fraud from an SP employee, are asked to commit fraud, or witness  an SP employee act in a deceitful way, please notify Samaritan’s Purse leadership by calling  our confidential hotline where Arabic and Kurdish speakers are ready to receive your call.  Please call: 0750 863 6742


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To help us track our procurement effort, please indicate in your email where ( you saw this tender notice.