Communications Specialist

The G5 Sahel Joint Force (la Force conjointe du G5 Sahel “FC-G5S”)
was established in 2017 to respond to the expansion of armed and violent extremist groups
and to the deteriorating security situation in the region. The Heads of States of the G5 Sahel
countries (Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, and Niger) launched this initiative to enhance
the safety and security of their populations and to ensure a favourable environment for the
socio-economic development of the region by pooling and multiplying their national efforts to
fight against common security threats.
The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) has supported the G5
Sahel Joint Force (FC-G5S) since 2018 with the establishment and implementation of a
regulatory framework on international human rights and international humanitarian law known as
the “Compliance Framework” (see:
Sahel.aspx). The Compliance Framework is an innovative package of concrete, systematic,
and mutually reinforcing measures conformed of mechanisms to prevent, mitigate and address
international human rights law and international humanitarian law (IHL) violations that could
be committed by security forces. It is designed as a risk reduction framework to prevent civilian
harm in the conduct of offensive military operations, including counter-terrorism operations.

Under the direct supervision of the Project Coordinator and close collaboration with the
Communications Team in Geneva, the UN Volunteer will undertake the following tasks:
1. Development of a communications work plan and calendar:
 Develop realistic communications and advocacy work plans for the years 2021 and 2022
about the support of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)
to the G5 Sahel Joint Force (FC-G5S) in the establishment and implementation of a regulatory
framework on international human rights and international humanitarian law (the
“Compliance Framework”);
Develop a network of local and international information and communication specialists,
including FCG5S and government partner communication focal points, across the five G5 countries to increase the “Compliance Framework” project’s visibility across the five G5
In consultation with the Bamako’s project coordination and Field Teams in Burkina Faso,
Chad, Niger, and Mauritania, develop and propose a communications work-plan and calendar
in line with project priorities, with a focus on institutional communication content
and social media;
 Develop user-friendly communication tools for the systematic collection of materials and
 Provide support and training to personnel of Field Teams, in particular, to promote main
achievements and systematize the project’s success stories;
 Provide guidance and training to colleagues, in the form of webinars, one-on-one calls,
training on the job.
2. Content research and production:
 Participate in the project’s main events to produce and edit photographs, short films, press
release, among others;
 Research initiatives and experiences in the implementation of the “Compliance Framework”
in the Sahel region for all communications purposes, in coordination with Project
Field Teams;
 Coordinate content production on different supports and for a variety of audiences (videos,
newsletters, articles, social media);
 Prepare up-to-date information, articles, and publishing content based on corporate, regional
and field unit’s priorities;
 Maintain style and brand editorial standards in online and print materials, multimedia, social
platforms, etc.;
 Support the organization of national media and print coverage of Project activities across
the five G5 states, in multiple languages as appropriate;
 Keep track of media coverage and apply social media analytics concerning the Compliance
Framework project and the G5 Sahel Joint Force (FC-G5S);
 Edit and publish content and convey key messages to target audiences using videos,
newsletters, articles, social media, among others.
3. Support content quality and coordination for all communication tools:
 Ensure correct use of the OHCHR brand in line with OHCHR policy ;
 Develop the quality of publications, by ensuring that editorial content, layout and design
are in line with OHCHR brand and values and compliant with donor requirements;
 Ensure that gender is mainstreamed, and gender equality efforts are considered in all
communication products;
 Implement tools and processes for corporate communications purposes in cooperation
with OHCHR headquarters and main stakeholders;
 Work with partner UN agencies and other G5 Sahel Joint Force partners at the regional
level for the publishing of information;
 Support or arrange for the translation of materials when required, ensuring brand and
quality of such materials;
 Guide personnel of the “Compliance Framework” project on communications formats, design,
photography, video, and promotional items;
 Support outreach initiatives to raise visibility and media interest in the work of the “Compliance
Framework” project and the contributions made to support the G5 Sahel Joint
Force (FC-G5S).
This assignment implies frequent interaction with the following: OHCHR counterparts in Geneva
and Country Offices, Project officers and technical staff in OHCHR, officers and communications
counterparts in the Joint Force G5 Sahel, representatives and officials in national

Minimum 4 years of relevant professional experience for
candidates with a Master’s Degree.
Skills and experience description:
 At least 4 years of professional work experience at the national and/or international level
in communication, print and broadcast media, interactive digital media, public information,
or other relevant programmes;
 Demonstrated experience of handling a public relations, communication, or advocacy project/
 Experience in conceptualizing and managing the production of printed materials, including
detailed reports;
 Experience in supervision of developing and editing video or printed materials in-house;
 Demonstrated experience in designing and implementing communication and/or media
outreach plans in support of overall corporate goals;
 Demonstrated experience in developing content that clearly communicates on peace and
security and human rights ideas and experiences for media, web, print production, and
audio-visual productions;
 Competent with office software packages, including basic design software;
 Experience in web content editing/publishing;
 Confirmed experience in the use of social media;
 Solid understanding of peace and security issues, and/or experience in conflict areas,
including the Sahel is desirable;
 Experience working in the UN or other international development organization is an asset;
 Experience working in a developing, conflict, or post-conflict setting is an advantage.

Mali is a non-family duty station with a difficult security and working environment.
Living conditions are acceptable in Bamako, but security instructions need to be
strictly complied with. Adequate housing is available for rent at US$ 500-1500 per month. The
national currency is the Franc CFA (April 2020 exchange rate was 1 US$ = 600 FCFA). Visa
credit cards are accepted in some hotels and larger shops. Mali is a country prone to malaria,
so mosquito nets are highly recommended. Basic medicines are available from pharmacies,
but provision needs to be made for specialized medication.
Security recommendations from the UN Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) must be
followed by all UN Staff in the course of their assignments in Mali. Vaccination against yellow
fever is mandatory to enter Mali.
For the sake of rewarding experience, UN volunteers in OHCHR carry out their duties with
flexibility, commitment, and a willingness to live and work in challenging conditions including
heat and limited water and electricity supply.

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