Newsday Tuesday: What We’re Reading


Every Tuesday, we share a set of stories on UN issues we care about and that matter to the future, from stopping TB to expanding access to safe drinking water. This week’s stories are below, but today we’re also watching with concern the news out of Brussels and following updates from sources such as Quartz and the BBC. 

Moments this week include World Water Day (today), World TB Day (Thursday), and the conclusion of the Commission on the Status of Women. Here are this week’s stories, related to those moments and other important issues.

“If The World Were 100 People | GOOD Data,” by GOOD, Facebook Video: in this video, the GOOD Data shares a fascinating visualization of the inequalities present in our world shrunk to 100 people. 

“#AcrossBorders and the future: From destination to integration,” by Malia Politzer, Devex: Politzer takes a deep dive into the refugee crisis by interviewing the organizations facilitating the intake of refugees. Here are the best practices they shared and the challenges they continue to face.

“Haiti – Feeling the TB aftershocks,” by Ambassador Eric Goosby, UN Special Envoy on Tuberculosis, Global Daily: Though published in November, Ambassador Goosby’s article on the numbers around tuberculosis are still timely and relevant this International Tuberculosis Day.

“World Water Day 2016: 40 photos to make you think twice about wasting this precious resource,” by Alex Wheeler, International Business Times: Wheeler takes you around the world in a photo essay that reminds us why clean water and sanitation is the sixth global goal for sustainable development.

“Earth Hour 2016 around the world in pictures,” by Adam Connors, ABC: In another global piece, Connors uses the power of OpenStreetMap to show the stunning before-and-after photos of famous global landmarks going dark and going green to raise awareness about climate change.

“Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda, Emma Watson’s Feminism Freestyle Rap,” by Althea Legaspi, Rolling Stone: Legaspi shares the fun and fantastic feminist beatbox-rapping duo of Emma Watson and Lin-Manuel Miranda in celebration of International Women’s Day and the Commission on the Status of Women.

I encourage you to also take a moment to read the latest in our blog series, “Her Goals: Our Future,” on how girls and women are key to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

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