Salaries (Wages) at the UN (United Nations) and its specialized agencies.

The United Nations is the world‘s largest employer, with over 43,000 staff members. Yet, despite its size, the UN has failed to keep up with the times when it comes to salaries. In many cases, UN salaries are significantly lower than those offered by other international organizations and private companies. This is particularly true for positions in the field, where UN salaries can be as much as 50% lower than those offered by other organizations. This discrepancy is not only unfair to UN staff members but also makes it difficult to attract the best and brightest to work for the UN. In order to compete with other organizations, the UN must offer salaries that are competitive and reflect the value of the work that is being done. Salaries at the UN must be increased in order to reflect the important work that is being done and to attract the best and brightest staff members.

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